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At the vintage booth, Aysa Kenmore, left, posed with a dress she donated and the lady who bought the dress. Durell Godfrey
The carousel was the big draw for younger children. Durell Godfrey
Lily Wright sported star sunglasses as she shopped in the children’s toy section.Durell Godfey
Xavier and Suraiya Guzman took a break in the shade. Durell Godfrey
Children bounced the day away, left, and at right, Jade Owens, Jesse Owens, and Felicia Smith explored.Durell Godfrey
John Kavanaugh, who buys a fur coat at the fair every year, got another one, and posed with his daughter Grace. Durell Godfrey

Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr. with Lorie DeFelice, her husband, Frank, and her daughter, Madison, in the Assembly Chamber.

Bridge Gardens in Bridgehampton Durell Godfrey
The Madoo Conservancy's gardens are punctuated with brightly-painted follies and other accents.Durell Godfrey

The East Hampton High School is among eight polling places in the Town of East Hampton. Residents of Election Districts 1 and 14 vote there. Morgan McGivern

John Leonard and Carol Louise were walking bouquets during Sag Harbor's Easter Bonnet Parade.. Durell Godfrey
Three generations, Nicole, Harper, and Nancy Jacobs, all decked out for the occasion.Durell Godfrey
Sophia HayesDurell Godfrey
Carmen Adriana made her own hat. Durell Godfrey
Lillian Zbar at the Sag Harbor Garden Center and Grace Pope with the Easter Bunny.Durell Godfrey
Joan Carlson, left, and Julia Adams got in the spirit. Durell Godfrey
Look at that bunny! Isla Loudenslagen, 7 months old, celebrated her first Easter and her first bonnet parade.Durell Godfrey

John Niles Sr., above, will be honored on Saturday along with Roger Golden, another former Bridgehampton High School coach who died recently. Jack Graves

Yogi Bob, seen with Dominique Garstin's son, went missing from the Georgica area of East Hampton on Jan. 7. Dominique Garstin
He is small but resourceful, Ms. Garstin said. Dominique Garstin

Contractors for the Army Corps of Engineers at work this week on the downtown Montauk beach. T.E. McMorrow