Sought. Octogenarian Alzheimer's patient is in danger of loosing home to back taxes. Strong rewards financially. 631-740-6339.

Any entry on Gardiner's Island whether for hunting, clamming, fishing, trapping, the taking of shellfish or any other purpose is trespassing and is strictly forbidden under penalty of the law. The Trustees of Gardiner's Island.


WANTED New life begun at 91! Need male companion, not young, Likes laughter and lobster OK if decrepit but can drive Must be local, not loco Have own mansion and money Intelligent and funny Can you jump out of a plane in a parachute like ex president George H.W. Bush? at 90! Or tell jokes like Bob Hope? 'til 100! Mark Zimmerman's Father I would like, he was 105! But he's not alive So -o-o-o Prospect #1 He drove to Indian Wells Beach We struggled out of the car Sat on a bench looking up at the stars. He said which star do you like the best? I said the East Hampton Star! No jest. To be continued. If qualified send resume to Silly Serious P.O. Box 406 East Hampton, N.Y. 11937

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