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If there was a common theme for this year's Hamptons International Film Festival, it was the right to ask questions and to discover the truth.
Todd Haynes's latest film was the Sunday Centerpiece of the Hamptons International Film Festival.
Ethan Hawke plays Chet Baker, a talented by addicted musician in "Born to Be Blue."
"Spotlight," a story about a real-life coverup of the sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests in Boston, is rendered by a fine ensemble cast playing real reporters at The Boston Globe.
Dan Rather defended the veracity of the 60 Minutes story that led to his resignation from that network, but he acknowledged there were flaws in the reporting.
Five of 10 talented young actors shared their experiences so far at Nick and Toni's on Saturday.
The subject is the increasing radicalization of German youth from the mid-1960s through the formation of the Red Army Faction a/k/a the Baader-Meinhof group in 1970.
Nick Louvel died in a car accident after dropping off his copy of the film for the Hamptons Film Festival
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