Ira Barocas

    Ship captain, boat owner, sailing instructor, and scuba trainer are on Ira Barocas’s résumé. Since retiring, the New York City native has served as president of the Duck Creek Farm Association in Springs.

    Though running as a Democrat, Mr. Barocas said he is apolitical. The trustees, he said, “ought to use the bully pulpit. I see them as the conscience of East Hampton in protecting the environment.” He pointed to shellfishing, aquaculture, and clean water as priorities.

    The trustees’ relationship with town boards and departments, such as the zoning and planning boards, has become adversarial and must be improved, he said. “If we cannot coordinate between ‘secular government’ and the traditional government that the trustees represent, we are shooting ourselves in the foot, paying two sets of legal teams to fight something that doesn’t require a fight.”