Mike Bottini

    For Mike Bottini, the outdoors has been both his passion and his profession. He was an environmental planner for the Group for the South Fork and has taught at St. Lawrence University, Long Island University, the City College of New York, and the Ross School.

    He is a nature columnist for the Press News Group and has written several guides to local trails and waterways, including “The Walking Dunes: East Hampton’s Hidden Treasures” and “Exploring East End Waters: A Natural History and Paddling Guide.” He was the chairman of the town-appointed Springs Citizens Advisory Committee from 1999 to 2001 and is a member of the East Hampton Volunteer Ocean Rescue squad.

    Mr. Bottini is a frequent leader of educational paddle outings for such organizations as the South Fork Natural History Museum. He appears on Tuesday’s ballot on the Republican, Conservative, and Independence Party lines.