Durell Godfrey photos
Adam and Gail Baranello worked with Springs School students to decorate the school's Dumpsters.

Geoff Lynch, the president of the Hampton Jitney, seen with Joan Overlook of Goodcircle, will donate buses and drivers to get I-Tri athletes to their swim practices. Judy D’Mello

Beckham LaRose of the Sag Harbor Elementary School collaborated with Georgi Mesnick, a fellow fifth grader (not pictured), on a magnetic kinetic sculpture that took first place in the collaborative sculpture category at the LongHouse Reserve’s Student Annual on Tuesday. Judy D’Mello

Deborah Haab, the new part-time Wainscott School superintendent, called the post a “once in a lifetime opportunity.” Highland Central School District

East Hampton Girl Scouts convinced high school sophomores to brave the elements overnight in cardboard boxes to help raise awareness of the homeless as well as money for Habitat for Humanity. Durell Godfrey