Superintendent, criticized for salary, cites personal reasons for his early exit
John J. Finello

Ping Edmunds, left, and Aveen Hallissey started the Soap for Hope project to help efforts to improve hygiene for children in developing nations. Jim Stewart

John Ludlow, a local up-and-coming musician, second from left, was invited to join the jazz greats onstage for a song on Sunday. Deb McEneaney
Children from the center's programs, including, from left, Pearl, Samantha, Mikail, Carlos, and Alanna, served as greeters at Jazz for Jennings on Sunday.Leslie Sokolow

Watching horror elsewhere, schools turn attention to drinking water safety
Annual water testing performed at East Hampton Middle School in the spring came back negative for lead content. Christine Sampson

With their jubilant cap toss on Friday evening, East Hampton High School’s class of 2016 made their graduation official. Morgan McGivern
Christine Sampson

Amagansett's Girl Scout Troop 596 made their own "Mighty" dolls in the style of Wendy Tsao's remade Bratz dolls. The Girl Scouts are, from left, Lizzie Skrenta, Nataly Ordonez, Sienna Hummel, Maya Molin, Stella Peterson, Jocelyn Bennett, and Natalie Mongan. Their troop leader is Marit Molin, pictured in the back. Christine Sampson

The celebratory hat toss after the graduation ceremony was completed Friday night. Morgan McGivern
Graduates lined up to enter the tent on the grounds at East Hampton High School.Jane Bimson
Stathioweb Kyriakos Georgeopoulus, with the jacket and tie in the center, huddles with his family for a selfie after the ceremony.Morgan McGivern
All smiles from several generations in this family.Morgan McGivern
Some graduates got flowers, others got balloons. Morgan McGivern
Graduates said goodbye.Morgan McGivern
Christine Sampson
Christine Sampson
Christine Sampson
From left, Nancy, Alexandra and John EbelJane Bimson