From left, Isabelle Rowe, Kely Archambault, Kwazi Nkomo, Diego Vanegas, Shanshan He, and Malik Basnight delivered a presentation on environmental sustainability at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in Vatican City.

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Chuck Westergard, the district’s manager of information systems, told the board he has seen “constant, steady growth” in the use of online educational tools

District casts wider net as it looks to remedy overcrowding and other issues

Eleanor Tritt, the Amagansett School superintendent, checked out a geography textbook from 1863 that once belonged to a student at the original Amagansett School, which was moved to the current school grounds recently. Christine Sampson photos and video

A Springs School student who was diagnosed with whooping cough has been treated and already returned to class. Durell Godfrey