“This will supply a guaranteed protein source, along with fresh fruit, a vegetable, and something sweet.”
Kristi Hood at the Springs General Store Morgan McGivern

Though the district has yet to release final budget figures, possible cuts were again debated

Local school notes

Georgia Bennett, left, is the East Hampton High School Class of 2015 valedictorian, and her cousin Cameron DiGate, right, is the salutatorian. Jim Stewart/East Hampton High School

Sag Harbor Elementary School students, including, from left, Nate Culver, a kindergartner, Kemberli Zeas, a second grader, Nicky Chavez, a kindergartner, and Oliva Roussel, a second grader, "voted" for the N.F.L.’s Super Bowl winner using cans of soup. Sag Harbor School District

Morgan McGivern

A school buses headed in for a late start to the school day Monday. Morgan McGivern