The school, under the direction of Sara Jo Strickland, offers classical ballet and a new contemporary dance track for ages 3 to 18

Internships for seniors at businesses, nonprofit organizations, and other community entities

A new athletic director and its first-ever full-time business teacher
Kameron Kaiser, left, and Christina Cassell, right, are two of the newest teachers at the Bridgehampton School. Christine Sampson

Adventures from faraway places and souvenirs worthy of show-and-tell
Robin Gianis, an art teacher at Bridgehampton School, paused for a picture with her daughter Phoebe at Ngorongoro Caldera in Tanzania, where their family spent two weeks learning about the culture, landscapes, animals, and more. Nina Murial

The grant, totaling $136,874, comes from the SMART Bonds Act

All seven members eventually said they would support what some have called “gavel to gavel” recording

Kathryn Bermudez, right, and Nikki Payne, left, are collecting gently used clothing to distribute to needy kids. Ms. Bermudez and Ms. Payne are pictured from left with John Holden, Ms. Payne's fiancé; Nicole Rodriguez, Ms. Bermudez's daughter, and Francis Rodriguez, Ms. Bermudez's husband, outside The Salty Canvas on Newtown Lane. Christine Sampson