Obama Film at Guild Hall Saturday

President Obama, with Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes and Secretary of State John Kerry, in Greg Baker's new documentary, "The Final Year"

The Hamptons International Film Festival’s Now Showing series will present “The Final Year,” a look at President Obama’s foreign-policy team during its waning months in office, on Saturday at 6 p.m. at Guild Hall in East Hampton.

Viewed in hindsight, the film has been called an elegy for a vision of American power that expressed President Obama's hope for a less violent, more empathetic world. That vision ended with the surprise election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States.

Starting in September 2015, the filmmaker Greg Barker documented the work of the president and key White House staff members as they went about working on what they believed would be legacy-setting initiatives during 2016.

Much of the film follows Secretary of State John Kerry and Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes and Samantha Power, who was United States ambassador to the United Nations, as they grapple with Syria, the Iran deal, the Paris climate accord, and opening up travel to Cuba. There are scenes of President Obama going to Hiroshima and moments after the November 2016 election, when words failed the film's subjects.

Tickets to Saturday's screening are $15, or $12 for film festival and Guild Hall members.

"The Final Year" premiers on HBO on Friday.