For Congress: Hope Over Hate

At this point there is little to add to the reasons why Perry Gershon is the better choice for the East End in Congress than Lee Zeldin — but Mr. Gershon is better for the country as well. He has proven himself levelheaded and admirably determined. That he has driven almost 40,000 miles during his campaign in his own plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt says a lot about the kind of congressman he would be; Mr. Zeldin’s re-election campaign’s main vehicle is a gas-guzzling Suburban. 

Mr. Gershon is accessible. Mr. Zeldin holds brief public meetings in settings he finds personally comfortable. Mr. Gershon favors improving the nation’s gun laws. Mr. Zeldin wants owners of legal handguns from other states to be able to carry them concealed in New York. Mr. Gershon wants health care for all. Mr. Zeldin would take Medicaid away from millions. Mr. Gershon wants to see the Russia probe play out. Mr. Zeldin sponsored a bill to investigate the investigators. 

Mr. Zeldin has done almost nothing positive for the East End in the past three and a half years in Congress. Mr. Gershon would focus on issues important in the First District, such as Plum Island, environmental protection, and climate change. Mr. Zeldin has wasted his constituents’ time in appearances on Fox News. Mr. Gershon has spent the last two years asking for your vote. 

Mr. Zeldin, through his unconditional embrace of Donald J. Trump’s worst excesses, actively promotes the things that divide us. Mr. Gershon would work to bring us together.

Replacing Mr. Zeldin in the House of Representatives would deprive the president of one of his most eager backers. If only for that, a vote for Perry Gershon is a step toward a better future.