All Star Code Celebrated on Lily Pond Lane

Troy Carter, left, and Valentino D. Carlotti joined Loida Lewis at the party. Mr. Carlotti accepted an award given to Goldman Sachs Gives for corporate leadership. Morgan McGivern Photos

The second annual All Star Code benefit was held in East Hampton on Saturday night. Loida Lewis hosted the party at her residence on Lily Pond Lane. 

Guests celebrated the work of the organization, which seeks to recruit "talented high school boys of color to prepare them for careers in the tech industry through coding and entrepreneurial training." Awards were given to supporters, and several interactive stations highlighted the work being done by the teens.

Marcus Samuelsson catered the event, where guests danced to Music by Mick. Maurice DuBois served as M.C., and Frank A. Baker and Marcus Mitchell received awards along with Goldman Sachs. Alex Berggruen of Christie's  served as auctioneer.

Many of the students attended the party and showcased their work at several interactive stations. The group above included Austin Carvey, Adrian Davis, Anthony Box, Zaire Elleby, Sam Rigs, and Ruben Martinez.
The party took place on the grounds of Ms. Lewis's oceanfront estate.
Snakey-Snakey was a popular interactive game.
Remote-controlled gloves powered robotic finches in a Finchfa Tournament game, based on FIFA soccer.
Miss U.S.A. Olivia Jordan received instruction from one of the student coders.
Hannah Sanders and Nia Meadows paused for a selfie in the middle of the party.
Marcus Samuelsson of Red Rooster restaurant in Harlem catered the event.
Guests during the awards presentation
Inspirational signs posted throughout the tent and setting highlighted the empowering themes of the evening.


This program sounds highly commendable, but why is it only for boys? Is it because girls already have ? Our girls should be encouraged just as much as our boys, especially in the world of tech.