Fresh Pond Bacteria Level Stays High

Fresh Pond creek in Amagansett, where water tests by a private group have indicated the presence of potentially dangerous bacteria several times this summer. East Hampton Town officials have not officially responded. David E. Rattray

Fresh Pond in Amagansett isn’t so fresh after all.

According to the Concerned Citizens of Montauk’s weekly water-quality test report, a tidal creek at the East Hampton Town waterfront park had an enterococcus level of 714 colony forming units, or viable cells, per 100 milliliters of water in a sample taken last week. This was significantly above the health standard of 104 cells, and indicates a high presence of potentially disease-causing feces in the water.

Pussy’s Pond, Springs, the Nature Trail in East Hampton Village, the third jetty at Georgica Beach, and the Cove Hollow access to Georgica Pond also had high bacteria counts in the latest C.C.O.M. tests. The Montauk Highway kayak launch access to Georgica Pond in East Hampton indicated a medium bacteria count.

Three locations in Lake Montauk had exceedingly high levels in previous test reports, but levels had fallen in the most recent samples. Little Reed Pond creek indicated a medium level of 85 cells, and East Creek and West Creek showed low levels.

Twenty-two other locations tested by C.C.O.C. had low or no detectable bacterial levels.