East Hampton Police on the Case of Nature Trail Giraffe

No, that's not a real giraffe taking a stroll in the East Hampton Village Nature Trail. Durell Godfrey photos

A fake giraffe standing at least nine feet tall was found chained to a tree at the Huntting Lane entrance to the East Hampton Village Nature Trail on Wednesday morning, puzzling police who said nothing like it had been reported stolen as of about 9 a.m.

"It's obviously stolen, but we don't know from where," East Hampton Village Police Chief Gerard Larsen said. "We're looking into it."

The village's Highway Department was set to cut the chain and remove the giraffe. A crew discovered it at about 7:30 a.m. while emptying town trash bins, Chief Larsen said. A handful of police officers and an East Hampton Village E.M.T. responded to the report of the giraffe sighting. Traffic on Hunting Lane slowed as drivers paused to check it out.

Locally, a similar giraffe is known to reside at various locations in the Napeague State Park off Cranberry Hole Road. It was unclear Wednesday morning whether that one was still on Napeague. A fake giraffe was also rumored to have been thrown onto the roof of the East Hampton High School last Wednesday night in a series of senior pranks that landed some students in trouble, but school officials have not confirmed the rumor.