Spectacular New Weather Camera Captures Storm as Never Before

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Behold, mortals, what could be the greatest storm image you have ever seen.

Early on Jan. 4, East Coast time, a NASA satellite sent back a photo of Earth as a powerful blizzard charged into the New York metropolitan area.

The image came from a National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration GOES-16 (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite system) camera. GOES-R network satellites are deployed in fixed positions about 22,200 miles above Earth to provide a constant view as conditions underneath change. The one above the East Coast of the United States launched in 2016 and became operational only last month.

NASA calls the device that produced the spectacular Jan. 4 Earth shot an imaging radiometer. The imager takes data from 16 sensor channels to produce a stream of images of cloud cover, oceans, temperature, and water vapor with a resolution of about half a kilometer.

In the image (which is also available as an animated sequence), the storm looks almost like a hurricane, with a hook-like swirl over the western Atlantic as dawn breaks over the East Coast and western cities are still swathed in darkness.

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