On the police Logs 03.14.19


Six plastic covers for electrical outlets at boat slips at the Devon Yacht Club were damaged sometime between Feb. 28 and March 4. Don Schnell told police the covers were bent backward, causing them to break. He said they could not have been damaged by the wind because of how they were installed. Each will cost $50 to replace. 

Cynthia Young, the director the Amagansett Library, called police on Friday to document what she called harassment. On March 6, Jason Gutterman of Amagansett was filming inside the library with his son. Ms. Young told him he needed approval to film there, as the library is a nonprofit run by an association, which is different from a public library. She allowed him to tour the rest of the building in an effort to defuse the situation, all while being recorded. Later that day, Mr. Gutterman, who posts videos on YouTube as the Amagansett Press, posted one of his visits to the library. Since then, the library has been receiving harassing emails and phone calls, Ms. Young said. Some emails have called for her resignation because, they claim, Mr. Gutterman’s rights were violated. Police advised her to add signs at the entrance stating that recording is prohibited in the library. 

East Hampton

Two patrons police described as elderly at the East Hampton Senior Citizens Center on Springs-Fireplace Road got into a fight on March 1 around 11:15 a.m. One man punched another, causing an abrasion. Medical attention was refused. No charges were filed, and an officer advised the two men to avoid each other. Police did not reveal what the fight was about. 

East Hampton Village

Police responded to a report of gunshots on Pleasant Lane on Friday night around 9:55. It may have been fireworks, police said. 


Police were called to the Montauk School on March 3 after a mother of students there said her children’s father had received harassing text messages and pictures and was told to take $500 to a house under construction in Amagansett. Police said it was a scam and advised him to block the number and to call police if any other suspicious messages were received. 

Sag Harbor 

A suspicious man was reported to police after someone saw him drop his bicycle near the backyard of a vacant house on Long Island Avenue and then walk to the front door on Monday around 6:30 p.m. Police found no sign of forced entry, but went looking for the man, who was described as tall, in dark clothing and a dark hat, with a plastic grocery bag hanging from his bicycle.