Carl Cangelosi from Roscoe, N.Y., decked this codfish on the Blue Fin IV out of Montauk last week. Capt. Michael Potts

Atlantic white cedars, like these in North Sea, are the South Fork’s only native conifer that does well with roots standing in water. Victoria Bustamante

A pair of bald eagles made themselves at home in an osprey nest on the west side of Accabonac Harbor in Springs last week. Abbey Allen

Skunk cabbage at Big Reed Pond in Montauk, a sign of early spring Jane Bimson

Alewives swimming up Ligonee Brook in Sag Harbor don’t always make it successfully to Long Pond, as seen here in a photo from 2012. Larry Penny

It is humans who are intruding on and despoiling wild animals’ territories, “not the other way around,” Larry Penny writes. Durell Godfrey

A United States Coast and Geodetic Survey map from 1932-33 shows a much more ample Montauk Point than the one that exists in front of the lighthouse today.

Gardiner's Bay David E. Rattray

A landscape painting by the late Annie Cooper Boyd shows a small stream that was called Little Cream making its way through a marsh by Havens Beach. Both the marsh and the stream are long gone. Sag Harbor Historical Society