The Great Hurricane of 1938 was a momentous event and perhaps a portent of the challenges to come. Eighty years on, a novel about how it affected the people of the South Fork reminds us to be afraid.
An American author, Flynn Berry, fictitiously resolves the real-life story of a murderous British lord's disappearance in her astute new thriller, “A Double Life.”
Jill Bialosky, Philip Schultz, and Grace Schulman — poets who have written memoirs as well as poetry collections that have acted as memoir — will talk it over.
One’s a picture book promoting kid wellness, another’s a book of line drawings of historical structures ripe for coloring.

Something to chew over as the N.F.L. season starts.

Jeanne McCulloch’s “All Happy Families” is essentially a memoir of loss — the loss of her father at the outset, the loss WASP privilege, and the gradual unraveling of a fantasy.

The story of the marriage of Grace and Jerry Schulman is one of complications, travail, beauty — and poetic perseverance.

By Joseph Tusiani, New York State poet laureate emeritus

This conservation success story holds many lessons: historical, political, horticultural, philosophical, personal — and feminist.
Carole Stone and Virginia Walker take to the lectern at 6 tonight for an en plein air poetry series in Southampton.

A psychological thriller that moves swiftly and is often a lot of fun, but readers should be warned to put down their thinking caps — or turn them completely inside out.
Authors Night has landed at the old Principi farm — you know, the controversial 555 address? So read on, book lovers . . .
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