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  • The Springs School Board was told on Monday that the school’s capital improvement project continues to proceed on schedule, and Principal Eric M. Casale and Superintendent Debra Winter explained to members what the New York State Education Department’s latest guidelines for the Every Student Success Act could mean for the school.
  • WLNG 92.1 FM, the quirky Sag Harbor radio station that became famous for its reverb sound and oldies music, its stubborn defiance of consultants’ bleak view of its unique format, and for surviving a battering from Hurricane Sandy to keep airing live reports, seems poised to hurdle yet another challenge.
  • The current practice of letting each municipality set its own agenda on deer management obviously complicates the process.
  • An Oct. 5 incident involving a Snapchat threat and a homecoming dance was also a chance for local law enforcement and school officials from Southampton to Montauk to see how the precautions they have in place would work in real time, and then consider whether their already robust safety policies need any changes or additions.
  • Andrew Strong accepted a three-year commitment to work as the first full-time human rights attorney for Organizacion Latino-Americana (OLA) of Eastern Long Island in June.
  • The Bridgehampton School Board voted unanimously on Oct. 17 to award all four contracts for the expansion and renovation of the school, clearing the way for the project to begin by November.
  • As the town planning board’s early engagement with just one stakeholder — the Tintle family, owners of a 70.4-acre sand and gravel pit in Wainscott through Wainscott Commercial Center L.L.C. — already suggests, it’s going to be a long and laborious process before Wainscott or any of the hamlets is dramatically reconfigured from end to end.
  • The Bridgehampton School District closed bidding on its school renovation and expansion project on Tuesday with no unwelcome surprises. It was the third round of bidding after the first two rounds, in summer, came back 25 percent higher than expected and the district went back to voters for an additional $4.74 million in September.
  • Bidding on the Bridgehampton School District’s $29.4-million renovation and expansion project closes Tuesday at 11 a.m., and the school board intends to begin reviewing the bids immediately, hoping to be able to award a contract before the end of the month.
  • "Most of us think of human trafficking as something that’s happening across foreign borders. But it’s happening right here, right under our noses — sex trafficking, labor trafficking," said Paula Bess Smith, a Shinnecock activist helped organize a seminar on the problem last week.

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  • Gregory Metzger, coordinator for the South Fork Natural History Museum's Shark Research and Education program, uses just a rod and reel to catch the juvenile great whites that were tagged and studied the past few years to establish, for the first time ever, that Long Island's waters are the only confirmed nursery area for great whites in the North Atlantic.