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Job Potter and Caroline Doctorow

Amber Hawk Swanson during a live web stream from the Watermill Center on Thursday

Most other trees' leaves are gone by now, but hollys are in their full glory around Thanksgiving. David E. Rattray

Hilary Hodgson ticket sold 15 tickets to Alvaro Sampaio on Monday at the film festival box office in East Hampton. Morgan McGivern

East Hampton Village and it's umbrellas and workout gear in the morning.Morgan McGivern
No left turns allowed on Newtown Lane in East Hampton VillageMorgan McGivern
A village traffic control officer about to ticket a driver who parked in the middle of Newtown Lane to pick up passengers.Durell Godfrey
In the spirit of the day despite the rain on Main Street in East HamptonDurell Godfrey
Swimmin' in the rainDurell Godfrey
Main Beach and not a beach blanket in sightDurell Godfrey
Waiting to cross . . . to shop some more?Durell Godfrey
Shopping therapy, said our photographer.Morgan McGivern
Still, it was the Hamptons, so shoes were optional.Morgan McGivern
Long Island appeared covered by a thick blanket of clouds early Friday in this gorgeous NOAA satellite image.
Low clouds at the Napeague tower early FridayDavid E. Rattray