Inspiration Found

The Adventure Bandits Art Club, a collaborative that works with other talented young artists just starting out
Margaret Braun and Chloe Gifkins have organized a show at Nova’s Ark in Bridgehampton this weekend.

   “Ideas are nothing without execution‚” words that mean quite a bit to Southampton natives Margaret Braun and Chloe Gifkins, childhood friends who can now see their two-year-old vision morph into reality.
    Fresh out of college, the two founded the Adventure Bandits Art Club, a collaborative that works with other talented young artists just starting out. On Saturday, the group will hold its inaugural art show, by the same name, featuring sculpture, painting, and photography from five artists, including the two founders. In addition, there are four music acts on the bill.
    The pair embrace all people who create, because as artists, they share a common bond of creativity and expression. “Art manifests itself in so many different ways,” said Ms. Braun, a poet, paper-maker, and jewelry-maker. “We want to buck the paradigm of having to categorize an artist as a painter, a sculptor, or a musician.”
    The philosophy behind Ms. Braun’s works on paper is that words can function as drawings. Her paper displays contain excerpts from a series of poems she wrote during her final semester at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Ms. Gifkins, who attended the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, Calif., works mostly in black-and-white and color digital photography.
    While attending an art show at Nova’s Ark Project earlier this summer, the duo were inspired by the venue’s picturesque setting, and began to imagine what it would be like if they were to curate an event there. They didn’t waste any time garnering sponsorship, working with the venue, and amassing other artists who share their vision, namely Scott Bluedorn, Alex Larsen, and Matisse Patterson. Bellyfire, Eliza Callahan, Porches, and James Ryan will supply the tunes.
    “Our club name captures our desire to stay young and adventurous,” Ms. Braun said. “We realize that we’re growing up, but we also realize that our youth drives our creativity.”
    Ms. Braun and Ms. Gifkins will not charge admission to Adventure Bandits Art Club, but will accept donations to cover overhead costs. The artists showcase will be held from 5 to 7:30 p.m., at which time the music will begin and play until 11 p.m.
    Snacks and beverages will be available. “We just want people to see art in a relaxed environment,” Ms. Braun said. “If they like the idea, we will definitely want to make it an annual event, or more.”