There Will Be Blood at LTV

This will be the first full production of the new Round Table Theatre Company

    The Scottish play known to nonsuperstitious Shakespeareans as “Macbeth” will be performed beginning tomorrow at LTV Studios by the Round Table Theatre Company.
    This will be the first full production of the new theater ensemble, which had its inaugural event in October with a reading of “Double Falsehood,” a play with portions attributed to Shakespeare.
    Morgan Vaughan, who is the producing artistic director for the company and originally from East Hampton, said in the fall that choosing the more daring material from the Bard’s oeuvre is one of the ways the company seeks to be both relevant and challenging to audiences here in the off-season, to give them something to think about. “It’s risky but really fun.”
    “Macbeth” resonated with her because its classic themes of “unbridled ambition, self-promotion, and doing whatever it takes to get ahead and the consequences are so relevant today.”
    Ms. Vaughan, who plays Lady Macbeth, and her husband, the company’s artistic director, Tristan Vaughan, who plays Malcolm, will be joined in this production by Jeff Keogh as Macbeth and Dan Stearns as Macduff. Both are from the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Academy for Classical Acting at George Washington University, where all four of the actors received graduate degrees. The Vaughans also studied Shakespearean acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.
    The rest of the cast is made up of familiar names from the community, among them Dianne Benson, Anita Sorel, and Bonnie Grice as the three witches, Andrew Botsford as Duncan, Kenny Kilfara as Banquo, Josh Gladstone as Ross, Joe Brondo as Lennox, John Tramantona as Angus, Vinny Cinque as Donalbain, Brian Schwartz as Fleance, Gina Rivera as Lady Macduff, and Irene Thompson as the gentlewoman. Brian Leaver has contributed the scenic design, and the costumes are by Yuka Silvera. Jennifer Brondo is the stage manager.
    The play will remain in the time it was originally set, with traditional Scottish attire and swords. And, according to the producers, it will be bloody.
    Ms. Vaughan is relishing her chance to do “one of the great female roles.” She said in a release, “You don’t want to admit it at parties, but we all have some Lady Macbeth in us — to greater and lesser degrees at different times. . . . It’s my job to let my inner Lady Macbeth out.”
    The play will serve as a benefit for LTV and for the Round Table’s season and its acting classes and reading workshops at Guild Hall. The company’s mission is to provide entertainment and education for all ages and allow people to engage with Shakespeare and other playwrights throughout history.
    “Macbeth” will run for two weekends,­ tomorrow and Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m., and the same times beginning Friday, Jan. 18. The cost at the door is $25, $15 for students and those over 65.
    The company is awaiting official nonprofit status but can accept contributions to the production through LTV. Checks should have “Macbeth” on the memo line.