Book Markers 11.15.12

Local book news

A Plimpton, Hurrying
    Sarah Plimpton is a poet and a painter, so it’s not surprising that her debut novel would be impressionistic. “Hurry Along,” from Pleasure Boat Studio, has been called “a luscious non-narrative map of shifting emotional and physical landscapes born out of the quotidian lives of people, trees, animals, beaches, and more.”
    “It tells the story of a family, in flashbacks and fragments,” the write-up in Publishers Weekly goes on, but here’s the kicker for those actually contemplating picking up the book: “What might become tedious in the hands of a less skilled writer is achieved by Plimpton with aplomb. . . .”
    Or you can take a listen for yourself when she reads from it on Saturday at 5 p.m. at Canio’s Books in Sag Harbor. And yes, George, that late lamented man of letters and of Sagaponack, was her brother.

Behold, the “Plot” Luck
    Who says words and woks don’t mix? Heck, toss in “wellness” and you’ve got something embodied by one Debra Scott, writing coach and wellness chef, who has invited writers to a fiction workshop and dinner at a Water Mill home on Wednesday from 6 to 9 p.m.
    “Discussion will focus on premise, characterization, voice, plot, and more,” a release said. “Bring your novel, story, screenplay, or idea.” And don’t forget an appetite and $55. Registration and more information are with Ms. Scott, who lives in East Hampton and can be reached at or 237-1040.