Point of View: Planets and Players

    My horoscopes have been encouraging lately, though while I’m not a believer, reading them helps me with my Spanish, which, if nothing else, improves as a result of the exercise.
    I think El Diario’s astrologer said I’d be vouchsafed some happy financial news, certain planets (not the ones found this week to be floating aimlessly about) having come into alignment, much, I think, as my spine has thanks to recent Pilates and stretching classes at the Y.
    Indeed, the financial news lately has been good, good, at least, in small potato terms, but it’s not the money that has quickened the pace of my heart: It is the knowledge that I scored a treasure trove in jazz CDs at the Ladies Village Improvement Society. I couldn’t believe it. I’d carefully scanned all the ones in the room to the left and was on my way out when one of the women who work there passed me going the other way with a hefty load of new arrivals.
    There were stacks more at the desk. The woman there was holding up for perusal “Solo Monk.” I told her that that was “a very good one,” whimsical and soulful songs by the iconic left-hander, and immediately began riffling (riffing rather) through the pile, exclaiming as I went. Gerry Mulligan’s band, Duke Ellington with Johnny Hodges, Duke Ellington with Billy Strayhorn, Billie Holliday, Chet Baker (with East Hampton’s own Phil Markowitz playing piano), the Preservation Hall Jazz Band with Sweet Emma the Bell Gal and “Slow Drag” Alcide Pavageau. . . . What a pick-me-up!
    And all for a grand total of $11 — $11.95 with tax.
    “I didn’t get you any food, Henry,” I said on walking out of the place and unhitching him from the bench in front, “but I did get us some wonderful ear candy.”
    On my return to the office I looked on our Web site to see if perchance a story I’d written about East Hampton High’s baseball team making the playoffs for the first time in four years was there — an exciting, well-played game that had taken place here the day before, and which I couldn’t wait to get out over the airwaves or whatever they are.
    And there it was! With a photo I’d taken too! Instant gratification.
    I have had some cavils when it’s come to posting things posthaste on the Internet. I mean they don’t pay us enough to be so diligent. But every now and then, I, who came out here aeons ago with the express purpose of going local, get excited. And I just can’t hide it.