Bonac Girls Make Music

Elizabeth Vespe on guitar and Elizabeth Walker on vocals, two East Hampton High School students, are recording professionally after being discovered on YouTube. Frank Vespe

    Frank Vespe of Springs was proud when his 16-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, and her best friend, Elizabeth Walker, 15, of Montauk, put on a musical performance at a Levittown music store showcase. Proud enough, in fact, that he put a video of their performance of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” and “Let It Be” by the Beatles on YouTube so his brother in Westchester could enjoy it too.
    When Michael X. Hartofelis, an attorney and music producer from Holtsville, phoned to ask if he could produce a song with thElizabeths, as the girls call themselves, Mr. Vespe was sure it was a prank.
    “I thought one of my friends was pulling my leg,” he said in an e-mail. “It wasn’t until he sent over a two-page legal release asking for me to sign did I believe him.”
    The video, filmed during a “monster music showcase” on Feb. 12, shows Elizabeth Vespe, who plays guitar, accompanying the dulcet tones of Elizabeth Walker on vocals. Both girls attend East Hampton High School, where Ms. Vespe plays the violin in the school orchestra, and Ms. Walker sings with the chorus.
    Mr. Vespe is a professional videographer who often tapes music events at Crossroads Music and the Stephen Talkhouse, both in Amagansett.
    In a statement, Mr. Hartofelis said that his favorite band was the Beatles. “When a friend told me about these two girls, thElizabeths, singing ‘Let It Be,’ I had to check it out. I was floored to see these two young girls performing so well, and I knew I had to produce a song with them.”
    For the past two weekends the girls have been in a recording studio in Holtsville, up to 10 hours per session. “Where is the Rain?” the song that thElizabeths recorded, is an original tune penned by Mr. Hartofelis, and is in the final mixing stages.
    Mr. Hartofelis stated in an e-mail that “once the song is finished, I plan to release it to radio stations and record labels. And I have a great idea for a music video, too.”
    Elizabeth Vespe found the best part of the experience was getting to play a $2,500 Taylor guitar. “Maybe my father will buy me one,” she said.


I am so proud of you ladies. i will be one of the first in line to buy a copy of it. way to go!