School Gardeners Alert

    Slow Food East End, thanks to the Joshua Levine Memorial Foundation, has been able to fund three interns who currently work as school garden coordinators in the area.
    In addition, grants are now available to fund specific needs, such as the purchase of garden tools, supplies, and materials. Those who wish to apply must be a non-profit school or a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working in partnership with one or more schools; have an established school garden project, and be a member of the Edible School Garden Group and Slow Food East End Chapter.
    Applicants must also be able to manage grant funds responsibly, and must demonstrate that their garden project has strong participation from stakeholders within the school.
    Applications can be e-mailed to before Sept. 15. Questions about the application process can be sent to jcfayyaz@ Questions about membership can be addressed to Anne Howard, Slow Food East End membership chairwoman, at