Amagansett Off to a Good Start

    The Amagansett School had “a very smooth and successful opening of the school year,” its superintendent, Eleanor Tritt, said at a school board meeting on Tuesday morning.
    A representative from the Board of Cooperative Educational Services had attended the first day of classes on Sept. 5, Ms. Tritt said, and “commented that she’d never seen a school opening this smooth. Everybody had a great procedure. The teachers used the new data systems very well, and new students were acclimated very easily. We’re off to a great start.”
    At the meeting Tuesday, the board approved a plan for screening students and providing early intervention in their regular classrooms and by their regular teachers, as opposed to after a student has fallen behind the class, as had been standard procedure, a requirement this school year. The intent is for teachers and administrators to identify areas of need, particularly in the younger grades, as early as possible so that these needs are addressed within the general education setting. The resolution was adopted by a unanimous vote.
    The board also agreed unanimously to appoint Sophie Lewin and Moira Muthig to two after-school positions that had already been budgeted for. Ms. Lewin will spend two hours a week helping children produce and edit the student newscast, which the entire school watches each week in their classrooms. “The program helps our children develop planning, researching, and presentation skills and is very popular with our students,” Ms. Tritt wrote in an e-mail.     
    Ms. Muthig will spend two hours a week supervising recreational activities. She and Ms. Lewin will be paid $51 an hour.