Increase in Montauk Budget

    The Montauk School Board had its first peek Tuesday at the 2013-14 district budget, an $18.6 million spending plan that reflects an increase of $106,594 and remains under the New York State-imposed 2-percent cap on tax levy increases. That amount, however, is subject to change as the board combs through the budget line by line in the coming weeks.
    Jack Perna, the school superintendent, pointed out the largest increases, among them teacher salaries, which will go up by $81,493 to a total of just under $3.8 million. Mr. Perna is taking a salary freeze at $164,338.
    Tuition fees for East Hampton High School will cost the district $372,742 less than this year because the current eighth grade class enrollment stands at 38 students, 12 less than graduated last June. The tuition total for 141 students to attend the high school at a cost of $26,864 per student, or $61,601 for those with special needs, is just over $4.1 million.
    Next year’s budget includes $70,000 in tuition fees for two students without special needs to attend the Child Development Center of the Hamptons Charter School in East Hampton. Tuition and related services, such as a summer program at the charter school, for children who do have special needs, will cost $425,000.
    Transportation fees are estimated according to the Consumer Price Index, and school officials are expecting a 3-percent increase, at a cost of $1.2 million for next year’s daily transportation, field trips, and transport to other schools outside the district, for which the district is required to pay.
    Mr. Perna told the board to study the document, which will be reviewed again at a budget workshop on March 19 at 4 p.m., to which the public has been invited.