Concrete Plant Shut Down

    A concrete and gunite plant found to have been operating illegally on part of a five-acre property behind the Agway site on Snake Hollow Road in Bridgehampton has been removed following a successful lawsuit against its owners by the Town of Southampton and neighboring property owners.
    After East End Concrete and its principal, David Schiavoni, were sued in 2008, a court stipulation called for the plant to cease operations and all materials and structures to be removed from the site.
    Mr. Schiavoni and his company were subsequently found to be in contempt of that court order, and last month, an appeals court upheld that decision, Eric Bregman, a Southampton attorney representing the neighbors, reported.
Continued industrial activities at the property after the initial court stipulation that they cease resulted in a determination in May 2010 that the company and Mr. Schiavoni were guilty of both civil and criminal contempt. The court found that, instead of stopping work, it had continued, and retaining walls and concrete walls had been poured for a new building at the site, which was unapproved. Fines were imposed, including $15,000 on the criminal contempt charges, and Mr. Schiavoni was conditionally sentenced to 30 days in jail if they were not paid.