Protesters To Descend On Romney Visit

A flotilla with banners off Meadow Lane
A fund-raising lunch for the Mitt Romney campaign will take place at Ron Perelman’s Georgica Pond estate, the Creeks, on Sunday. Doug Kuntz

    Mitt Romney and his entourage, including police escort and Secret Service detail, will be in East Hampton and Southampton on Sunday for a whirlwind fund-raising trip, and protesters have taken notice.
    As of yesterday, several groups were planning demonstrations near the Meadow Lane, Southampton, residence of Julia and David Koch, where a $50,000-a-plate ($75,000 per couple) dinner is set to begin at 5 p.m. Members of some of the groups, including Greenpeace, Strong for All, United New York, and Move On, will take buses from New York City to the South Fork; those from the Long Island Progressive Coalition and Occupy the Hamptons plan to join them here.
    As far as is known, the protestors will confine their demonstrations to Southampton. Earlier on Sunday, in East Hampton, Mr. Romney and Eric Cantor, majority leader of the House of Representatives, are scheduled to attend a “V.I.P. photo reception” and lunch at the Creeks, Ron Perelman’s 56-acre estate on Georgica Pond. The 12:30 p.m. reception will give guests the chance to have their pictures taken with the Republican candidate for president, in return for a donation of $25,000 a head, which, says the invitation to the event, they can either “contribute or raise.” Lunch itself, at 1 p.m., is another $5,000 a person or $7,500 for two.
    Andy Sabin of Springs, whose name is on the list of sponsors and who called himself a “Teddy Roosevelt, Richard Nixon-type of environmental Republican” this week, said supporters expect to raise $1 million from the afternoon at The Creeks. Other sponsors of the event who have houses here include Debbie and Harry Druker of East Hampton, Ann and Russell Byers of Amagansett, Gerry Cardinale of Sagaponack, Barry and Terri Volpert of Sagaponack, and Pam and Ed Pantzer of East Hampton.
    Governor Romney will also spend some time on Sunday at the Meadow Lane residence of Cliff Sobel, who chaired New Jersey’s fund-raising effort for President George W. Bush’s first campaign. Mr. Sobel later became ambassador to the Netherlands and Brazil.
    Members of Occupy Wall Street and Greenpeace plan to throw their own party, offshore from Cooper’s Beach in Southampton, near the oceanfront Koch house, in small boats bearing protest banners. Ty Wenzel, an activist from Springs, wrote in a message that Occupy the Hamptons would join the protest with any group having the same end goal: “Get out of our politicians’ pockets.”
    “It is not about being anti-republican or anti-democrat,” she wrote. “Its sole purpose is to illustrate to the American people how our democracy and vote has been stolen with these ‘fundraisers.’ ”
    Andy Stepanian, co-founder of, a publicist for the grassroots organizations, who will be among the protestors, agreed. “Americans from many different political affiliations are beginning to realize that money is perverting our democracy,” he said. Occupy Wall Street, said Mr. Stepanian, has targeted Mr. Koch, the man they call “Mr. One Percent Himself,” in particular.
    Mr. Koch, who has been named New York City’s richest resident by Forbes magazine, “is the embodiment of money’s problematic influence on politics,” said Mr. Stepanian. “On Sunday,” he said, “we will make it clear that Mitt Romney has a Koch problem.”
    Occupy the East End will meet in East Hampton at 11 a.m. Sunday to “start phase one of protesting the broken and corrupt system that funds are being raised to support,” said a spokeswoman, Shannone Rhea. The local activists, recently splintered from Occupy the Hamptons, will gather at the corner of Halsey Neck Lane and Montauk Highway in Southampton, she said, to “make the public aware of what’s going on in our backyard.”
    On Tuesday, East Hampton Village Police Chief Jerry Larsen said he was expecting a call from the Secret Service.
    Kurt Kappel, chairman of the East Hampton Republican Committee, said he was “very excited” about Mr. Romney’s visit. “I think it’s great that he’s coming to East Hampton,” he said on Tuesday, although the committee does not have plans to attend any of the events.
    Rob Zimmerman of the Democratic National Committee, who owns a house in Shinnecock Hills, had something to say as well. “Every time Republicans want to come to the East End and buy overpriced lobster salad, it is good for the economy,” he said. “I hope they buy some art as well, for their many homes.”


I guess you can only come out and fill up your coffers if you are a Democrat. Funny comment by Mr. Zimmerman. Guess Shinnecock Hills is where the 99% live. Your hypocrisy is showing sir!
As the saying goes, I don't mind your being rich; I mind you buying my government!
Occupy the East End is not the splinter group; it is the local group of committed east end activists who believe in and practice the leaderless, horizontal direct democracy OWS model, ensuring that elitist factions do not quell the voices of the 99%.
All of the protesters are splinter groups of know nothings funded by George Soros, some wall street guys,and Hollywood gifts to the world. Rally America
But it was O.K for Obama right? What a bunch of ignorant liberals!!!!!!
did obama go to perlman's house... hmmmmmmm.. i don't remember that.. i was living there at the time. whooopssssssssss! not a perlmans house (well at least not that night ;) .... ignorant liberals .. hmmmmmmm i suppose that makes you an ignorant uptight! watch the labels.. and wake up america.
Very biased reporting, nice job Carrie Ann. It is hard to take this piece professionally when it sounds like David Axelrod paid you to write it. Don't you care about journalistic integrity? Something tells me if Obama came to the eastend and had $50K dinners your reporting would be way different.
Have these same protesters been to the 30 or more Obama political fundraisers in New York alone to protest his unsatiable desire for campaign funds? Has the East Hampton Star run any front page ads describing Obama's incessant campaigning for the past 12 months+ while our country falls further into recession? The answer to both questions is a resounding NO!
You are 'right on'. Let the 'occupy' people have their day. Their dictator will be gone in January.
Point of information: Occupy the East End did not "splinter" from Occupy the Hamptons. Occupy the Hamptons changed its name to Occupy the East End. Later, a faction that does not follow such Occupy tenets as reaching group consensus created a new Occupy the Hamptons that is affiliated with Democratic organizations. Occupy the East End is still an authentic, non-partisan branch of OWS. As far as the above criticisms, please rest assured that OEE can and will protest and counter pro-Obama fundraisers. OEE does not view Obama as better than Romney, and we welcome everyone to join us.
What pray tell are these morons protesting, stopping our march towards socialism.