Large Tree Falls on Roof

A tree that toppled into James and Sandra Conklin’s house on Dayton
A tree that toppled into James and Sandra Conklin’s house on Dayton Lane missed Ms. Conklin by a matter of feet. Morgan McGivern

    James Conklin’s business card for Home Sweet Home Solutions advertises “over 44 years of solving other people’s problems.” But the Conklins had a problem of their own on Sunday morning, when a large tree in front of their house on Dayton Lane in East Hampton Village came crashing down.
    “I was upstairs, and I heard this really loud boom,” said Sandra Conklin. “Little pieces of stuff started falling on the floor — bits of Sheetrock and roof.”
    “And then part of a limb came through the wall like an arrow, about four feet from me.”
    Racing downstairs to her husband, Ms. Conklin noticed that the front door was blocked by massive amounts of leaves.
    “That’s when I knew it wasn’t just a limb, it was a tree,” she said — a tree, one of the many on Dayton Lane, torn out by its roots.
    Apparently, Mr. Conklin went outside to assess the damage, but “I didn’t want to see,” said Ms. Conklin.
    Fortuitously, the Conklins’ insurance agent, Paul Amaden, was outside checking his own property, and came over to offer assistance.
    According to Ms. Conklin, it took almost five hours on Monday to remove the tree from the house. The village sent workers from Whitmore’s to do the job.
    “They had to cut all the limbs off first, before they could raise the trunk,” she said.
    In spite of the damage, the Conklins are still in their house. “A few friends have invited us to come and stay with them, but we’re fine right here,” Ms. Conklin said. “Now that the thing’s out of my hallway, I don’t have to worry about it poking my eye out.”