Old-Timers Roundtable

The public is welcome to the free round-table discussion

   The Montauk Chamber of Commerce will hold the annual Montauk Old-Timers round-table discussion and dinner at the Inlet Seafood Restaurant on East Lake Drive on Tuesday starting at  4 p.m.
   This year, Perry B. “Chip” Duryea III and Stuart Vorpahl will serve as historians to help put in perspective the observations of Jimmy Lester, Milton Miller, Teddy Stevens, Dave Krusa, John Rade, Bobby Byrnes, Scott Bennett, and John Nolan. Carl Darenberg of the Montauk Marine Basin will serve as moderator.  
   In addition to describing the evolution of longline, side trawl, seine, and western trawl gear, the fishermen will discuss the history of Montauk Harbor beginning with developer Carl Fisher’s opening of Lake Montauk in 1927. The late lobsterman Bobby Huser will be honored in memoriam.     
   The public is welcome to the free round-table discussion and, at 7 p.m.,  for the price of $35, dinner and one beer or glass of wine. Raffle prizes will be presented after dinner. Tickets can be gotten from the Montauk Chamber, 668-2429, at the Montauk Marine Basin, 668-5900, or at the door.