On the Police Logs 10.20.11

East Hampton Village
A very large dead turtle was discovered at Egypt Beach on Oct. 12 by Heiko Roloff. Police called the Riverhead Foundation to remove it.
Doreen Quaranto called police on Oct. 11 to say there was a car in the driveway of the preschool building on Meadow Way with the motor running and no one inside. Police could not open the car as the door handles were broken, but determined that its owner is Leon Nube. Police advised Ms. Quaranto to have the vehicle towed as it was on private property, but she said it was okay there, as it belonged to a school parent.
Linda Buckley told police last Thursday that she had hired painters to do the trim on her house, but they did a poor job. She told them not to return, and she refused payment. Ms. Buckley said the painter has called her a number of times since about the money. She thinks he might return to her house and wanted the incident on the record in case he does.
A caller reported a “suspicious” man and an “upset” woman in a dark-colored car in the parking lot at the Chase Bank on Main Street last Thursday. Police were unable to locate the couple.
Anthony Zamba saw a car pulling into the CVS parking lot on Pantigo Road last Thursday and thought the driver might be intoxicated. Police interviewed her in the store, and determined she was not.
A man parked in the Reutershan lot on Friday and upon his return told police his car was not where he’d left it. Officers helped him locate the vehicle, which was in the first row of the small-car lot, not in the fourth, where he was looking.
In a similar incident, David Rogal called Friday to report his vehicle stolen from in front of the 1770 House. Police found it on Newtown Lane. Apparently Mr. Rogal had forgotten where he parked.
A political sign on Montauk Highway at Green Hollow Road, public property, was confiscated by police Saturday.
On James Lane Sunday, police left a warning for the owner of a car parked on public property with a For Sale sign, along with a message to remove it.

An unlocked Jeep belonging to Peter Wintjen of Sag Harbor was stolen from the parking lot of the Sportsman’s Dock on Oct. 11. Mr. Wintjen had left his vehicle unlocked with the keys inside while he went fishing.
A man parked at the rear of the Diamond Cove Marina on Saturday put two copper exhaust manifolds valued at $2,000 into the car and drove away. Sushil Sinha and Skip Reichert, the marina’s owner, were watching, and called police, who found the suspect outside his place of employment, with both manifolds in his vehicle. He told police he needed an exhaust for his boat and was checking to see if Mr. Reichert’s manifolds were the right fit. He said he was planning to return them to Mr. Reichert, who he thought knew what he was doing. He was escorted by police back to the marina, and the manifolds were returned to Mr. Reichert.

Sag Harbor
Jane Peterson informed police on Oct. 12 that someone cut her privets without permission at her house on Latham Street. The privets are in a small area near her neighbor’s driveway. Ms. Peterson said she did not believe either the neighbor or her landscaper cut them.
Stacy Pennebaker called to say her vehicle was egged in front of her house on Madison Street Sunday.

A checkbook, a bag, and an iPhone with a combined worth of $650 were taken from Elena Rodella-Ferri and Joseph Ferri’s parked car on Town Line Road Sunday.