On the Police Logs 10.27.11

A shopper at the Amagansett I.G.A., Valerie Taff of Andover, Conn., reported on Oct. 14 that her $500 purse that contained about $400 in cash and several credit cards was taken from the register counter after she had inadvertently left it there. A manager told police that they would be able to view a surveillance tape.

East Hampton
A boat owner watched on Columbus Day as a man got out of a white GMC Denali and loaded a stainless-steel table and several cans of paint into it. However, he became suspicious and phoned Donald Vanderveer, the manager of Three Mile Marina, who called police. Mr. Vanderveer put the value of the table at $500 and the paint at $200. He told police that there had been several thefts from other marinas and thought that the person in the Denali might be involved.
Hector Marles of Queen’s Lane filed a report against an acquaintance who had punched him in the mouth during a dispute on Oct. 15 at an Oakview Highway residence. Though he gave police the other man’s name, he declined to seek his arrest but wanted the incident on record.
A nine-foot inflatable dinghy with a Mercury outboard motor, together valued at $1,880, were taken from a dock at the Shagwong Marina sometime in the last five weeks, the dinghy’s owner, James P. Frain of Glenford, N.Y., told police. He reported the apparent theft last Thursday.

East Hampton Village
An officer responded to a complaint just after midnight on Oct. 17 of someone throwing a bottle from a black Honda sedan. Neither vehicle nor bottle could be found.
Thinking that a Ford Explorer parked at the side of Montauk Highway near Georgica Road last Thursday morning may have belonged to someone illegally hunting in the village, an officer called a member of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation police. It turned out that the Ford’s owner, Stanislaw Kolakowski of Glendale, Queens, was picking mushrooms and had permission to be on the property.
Village police took a call last Thursday at about 6:30 p.m. about a Gatorade bottle containing something other than Gatorade that had been left on a counter in the children’s room of the East Hampton Library. Upon investigation, it turned out to be heating oil, which may have come from some work a fuel company had been doing on the system.
While on foot patrol in Herrick Park Friday evening, an officer found an open 18-pack of Bud Light with two bottles missing. It was confiscated and placed into the police department’s property locker.

Town police got involved after a guest who had stayed at the Driftwood Motel on Montauk Highway failed to pay a balance of $673 due for several rooms she had taken from Oct. 9 to 13. The guest, who was not identified in a report, told police by phone on Oct. 13 that she would make good in person.
Michelle Coppola of Norwalk, Conn., told police that a pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses worth $450 and a set of 18-karat-gold and diamond earrings valued at $1,200 were taken from her room at the Montauk Yacht Club on Oct. 19. There were no signs of forced entry to the room, police said.

Sag Harbor
Jonathan Horn of Long Island Avenue told village police on Oct. 19 that someone had stolen his Sirius satellite radio from his 1997 Volkswagen. He valued it at $100.
Tickets to a football game he did not attend brought a charge of $596 to Julian Shapiro’s debit card on Oct. 19, he told police. He said he did not know who was responsible or how it happened.
On Friday, Jessica Grangier of Sylvester and Co. reported that the store’s security cameras revealed a 60-something-year-old woman with brown teeth and reddish-orange hair placing two pairs of pants into her shoulder bag. The slacks were valued at $95 and $68.

A dozen eggs made contact with Richard Miller’s house and pickup truck sometime earlier this month, the Springs-Fireplace Road resident told town police on Oct. 11. Mr. Miller gave police the name of a person he thinks may be involved.
Edgar Moncayo would like phone calls from Ramiro Pilco to stop. The Underwood Drive resident told police on Oct. 18 that Mr. Pilco has threatened him because he believes he is having an affair with Mr. Pilco’s estranged wife. An officer spoke to a lawyer representing Mr. Pilco who said he would speak to his client and see what he could do.