On the Police Logs 11.03.11

East Hampton
Someone threw acid on Joyce Daniels’s pickup truck while it was parked in her driveway on Bruce Lane in Maidstone Park on Sept. 20. Ms. Daniels said she believes she knows who is responsible and wants to press charges. The damage was estimated at $733.

Lisa Sargent of Accabonac Road told police on Friday that she was a victim of identity theft. After Apple Bank informed her that she had bounced two checks, she discovered that an unauthorized charge of $79.95 had been made to her debit card on Oct. 6. The charge was made at an online computer software store.

East Hampton Village
A raccoon was stuck in Lorna Dreher’s garbage can outside her house on Newtown Lane on Oct. 25. Police removed the lid and the raccoon escaped. It did not appear to be injured.

Gustavo Gomez, a caretaker at Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church, said that a man let his dogs run loose on the property on Oct. 26. The man was gone by the time police arrived.

Rick Lawler spotted an injured swan at Lily Pond Lane and Jones Road on Friday. Police found the swan walking in the grass nearby. It did not seem to be injured, they said.

A truck with a load of leaves blowing out of its bed was reported being driven erratically on Woods and Toilsome Lanes on Friday. Police were unable to find it.

Ann Easton of Georgica Close Road and Manhattan discovered on Friday that her pool cover, valued at about $1,350, had gone missing.

Ian Grossman said he found a Derringer starter pistol in the parking lot of East Hampton Bowl on Friday. Police confiscated the unloaded pistol.

Devra Schachter told police on Saturday that a large puddle in front of the Elie Tahari store on Main Street was a traffic hazard. Police called workers from the Department of Public Works to the scene to remove an overload of leaves from a drain.

Ed Keane of Manhattan called police about an injured swan at the intersection of Apaquogue Road and LaForest Lane on Saturday. Police ascertained that the swan was not hurt but merely “eating on the side of the road.”

Isabel Carmichael reported a Jack Russell running loose on Ocean Avenue on Sunday a few minutes after 1 p.m. Police called an animal control officer who was familiar with the dog, and it was returned to its owner on Further Lane.

Responding to a report of a fire on Fairview Avenue on Friday, police determined that it was limited to the front of Kevin Mulligan’s house. Montauk Fire Department volunteers arrived shortly afterward to extinguish the flames. A neighbor took care of Mr. Mulligan’s dog in his absence. The fire was probably caused by an electrical problem, a fire marshal said.

A small electrical fire broke out at Robert Burke’s house on Old Montauk Highway on Sunday after LIPA workers restored power there. One of them called 911 upon seeing smoke coming from the garage. Montauk firefighters put out the flames.

Sag Harbor
A Hampton Street resident called police to complain about noise from a nearby property on Saturday. An officer advised several people playing music outside to turn it off and go inside.

Police confiscated a Sector 9 skateboard from a youth in front of the movie theater on Monday. Police will keep it until a parent accompanies the skateboarder to retrieve it.

Marcela Caravaca said she saw a man cross Old Stone Highway on Sunday, take items from a food cart, and then run back to a parked car. She was able to get the license plate number, but she could not determine its state or the make of the vehicle.