Beating and Burglary Arrest

    East Hampton Town police made several key arrests involving burglaries in recent days.
    Alexander C. Haje, 26, of Southampton was arrested in Riverhead on Oct. 23 and charged with the brutal beating and robbery of a Springs man late on the night of July 27. The charges include first-degree burglary, second-degree assault, fourth-degree conspiracy, and criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation — three felonies and a misdemeanor. The most serious is the burglary charge, a class B felony punishable by 5 to 25 years in state prison.
    The 55-year-old victim, whose identity was not released, was lured out of his house a little before midnight. Carrying a flashlight, he walked to the corner of his property, where he was punched and knocked to the ground. Mr. Haje and an accomplice then repeatedly hit and kicked the downed man, the police said, before dragging him into his house.
    The attackers apparently thought their victim was a drug dealer, according to police. They continued beating him as he lay helpless on the floor. Finally, having found no drugs on the premises, the pair left with the man’s cash, credit cards, and electronics.
    Mr. Haje is being held without bail. The second man is being sought.
    Another duo, who allegedly burglarized three East Hampton houses in four days, is facing several felony charges, including  burglary and possession of stolen property.
    Danielle L. Dext, 25, whom the police listed as homeless, was initially arrested on the morning of Oct. 15 on a Southampton Town bench warrant. East Hampton detectives suspected her of being involved in a Harbor View Avenue burglary reported on Oct. 10, and questioned her at headquarters in Wainscott. In the course of the interview the detectives came to believe that Ms. Dext, who was allegedly working with an accomplice, Robert F. Anderson, 40, of Riverhead, was also responsible for at least two other recent burglaries. One, which appears to have happened near the intersection of Oakview and Middle Highways, was reported on Oct. 12; the other, on Oct. 9, on Hands Creek Road.  
    Police tracked down Mr. Anderson in Riverhead three days later. When arrested, he was said to be in possession of an unnamed drug, listed as a controlled substance.
    The pair reportedly made off with jewelry, cash, and other items, with one robbery alone netting over $3,000 in goods. In addition to the felony counts, Mr. Anderson faces a drug possession charge.
    Police arrested a Springs man, John P. Loper, 25, last Thursday evening, charging him with misdemeanor assault on a Montauk woman, Joanne Modica, as well as her 21-year-old son, Jason Anderson. According to the report, Mr. Loper was visiting his girlfriend, who is Ms. Modica’s daughter, when he became enraged at her mother, shouting obscenities and shoving her to the ground.
    When Mr. Anderson, who was in another room, went to protect his mother, Mr. Loper reportedly elbowed the younger man in the eye, fracturing his nose and eye-socket.
    Both mother and son initially declined medical attention, as well as declining to press charges, the report says. However, the next day, the two gave statements to the police, who then made the arrest.
    Donald A. Briand, 20, of Montauk, a passenger in a 2001 Ford that was pulled over in a traffic stop on Gardiner Avenue in Springs, was arrested on Saturday night. When an officer approached the car to speak to the driver, Henry J. Lackner, hometown not given, a strong smell of marijuana was reported wafting in the air.
    The officer had the two men step out of the car and searched them but found no marijuana. A search of the car, however, turned up a clear plastic bag beneath the passenger seat, containing, police said, “a sizeable amount of a green, leafy substance,” along with three blunts, cigars in which the tobacco has been rolled out and replaced by marijuana.
    Police weighed the marijuana and blunts and reported the total to be over 25 grams. Marijuana is normally a simple violation, but in this case, due to the total weight, the charge was elevated to a misdemeanor.
    Mr. Briand was later released on $100 bail.