Caught With the Can

    Kathlena Williams of Mako Lane in Amagansett reported to town police at a little after 3 a.m. on Nov. 3 that she had seen a young man outside her house, apparently about to siphon gasoline from her parked car.
    “You’re not going to do that, no way!” she reportedly screamed, scaring the youth, who took off running, with a gas canister in hand, then sped away in a red 2001 Chevy.
    The red car was soon spotted heading west on Bluff Road and was pulled over. There were four youths in the car. In the front passenger seat was a man who matched the description Ms. Williams had given police. On the floor in front of him were two sections of garden hose and on his lap was a five-gallon gasoline can.    
     He was placed under arrest for petit larceny, and was released from the station house on $100 bail, with a future date in court. Because he may be eligible for youthful offender status, police did not release his name.