On the Police Logs 11.15.12


Michael Krzenski, the caretaker of an Atlantic Avenue house, told police on Nov. 2 that someone had kicked in the basement door twice in the past week. Police went through the house with Mr. Krzenski, who reported nothing appeared to have been taken.

East Hampton

A wheelchair-bound Windmill Village man had most of his fishing equipment stolen from the basement of the building, it was reported on Saturday.  Victor Heathcote could not give the police an exact count of what was missing as he cannot get into the basement. Neighbors told police the basement was a bad place to store things, as thievery is a regular occurrence.    

A Harbor View Avenue man, Edison Auquilla, reported that his 2012 Toyota Tundra and another vehicle, as well as the side of his house, was vandalized on Saturday by someone armed with a paint-ball gun, who splattered everything with orange paint.

East Hampton Village

William Dejonge of La Forest Lane told police on Election Day that a kayak and a canoe on his property had disappeared. They might have been swept away during the hurricane, he said, adding that he would check with neighbors to see if they had washed up somewhere near. The loss amounted to $1,500.

Last week’s northeaster caused many downed wires and tree limbs throughout the village as well as the town. Police in both jurisdictions were inundated with calls.

A belligerent man was reported to be annoying people at the Newtown Lane bus stop on the afternoon of Nov. 7. An officer found the man, who appeared to have had a few too many. He said he was waiting for the bus to Montauk, and agreed when requested not to harass passing pedestrians or drivers.
Police responded to a report of an erratic driver, possibly drunk, on Main Street last Thursday evening. The driver said he’d had a hard day at work and was tired. He appeared sober to the officer.


A Roosevelt Avenue man complained on Oct. 27 that his house had been targeted twice by vandals who hurled eggs, causing extensive paint damage. Arnold Kriss said the vandal may have been a neighbor whose dog he had complained about to the animal control department. Mr. Kriss said the dog had attacked his smaller dog. Since he complained, he said, the neighbor has held a grudge. Police were unable to contact the neighbor, but are investigating.

Northwest Woods
A woman moving into a Northwest Landing Road house was handling some firearms when one discharged, sending her to Southampton Hospital. According to the police report, Carmen Ramires Rivera had eight .22-caliber pellets lodged in her shoulder. She was treated for the wound and later released.

Sag Harbor

David Brogna, the manager of the Romany Kramoris Gallery on Main Street, pulled rugs and tables damaged by hurricane-related  flooding out back of the building last Saturday night so an insurance adjuster could examine them the next day. They were gone when he returned on Sunday, he told police.