Prowlers Again Target Montauk Cars

    The nighttime prowlers who have been targeting unlocked vehicles parked in various Montauk neighborhoods struck again early last Thursday morning, this time in the North Farragut Road area, but without as much taken as the week before, when they made off with thousands of dollars worth of electronic devices.
    Robert Gosman Jr. reported his Chevy pickup truck rummaged through, but nothing taken. John D’Agostino’s Jeep was also gone through, but again, nothing taken.
    James Dirico had two cars parked on Farrington Road targeted, with about $20 stolen. Two cars belonging to Michelle Walsh, parked in a driveway on Glenmore Avenue, were ransacked, but the thieves found nothing of value.
    Richard Nessel of Beech Hollow Court told police his dogs had started barking at about 2:15 a.m., and in the morning he discovered his two cars had been gone through, with nothing taken.
    A $10 scratch-off lottery ticket and a pair of Ray-Ban glasses, valued at $150, were stolen from Ted Bienienwicz’s 2012 Toyota, parked on Gladstone Place. Also on Gladstone, Dianne Dacuk said her husband’s vehicle had been rummaged through. Nothing was reported missing.
    Diane Hausman had two unlocked cars parked on Gravesend Avenue: one held nothing of interest for the thieves, but they made off with $400 in cash from the second.
    On Fairview Avenue, they left Richard Etzel’s vehicles empty-handed.
The thieves were back at it early Friday morning as well, hitting two vehicles belonging to Robert Rottach of Cranberry Road. Police have not yet confirmed a report that they made off with some jewelry found in one of the cars.