Three D.W.I. Arrests

    An East Hampton Town police officer patrolling Abraham’s Path a little after midnight on Nov. 28 pulled over a car with a burned-out headlight, leading to the arrest of Milton J. Medina-Zamora of East Hampton on a charge of driving while intoxicated.
    Mr. Medina-Zamora, 33, displayed classic signs of drunkenness — bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, lack of coordination, and the smell of alcohol — while being questioned, according to the arresting officer’s report. The officer had Mr. Medina-Zamora do roadside sobriety tests, which he reportedly failed.
    He was released without bail later that morning after arraignment in East Hampton Town Justice Court, with a future date to face the charges.
    A 29-year-old Connecticut woman driving a 2007 Honda east on Main Street in East Hampton shortly before midnight on Nov. 26 was seen swerving several times onto the shoulder by a town officer. He followed the Honda and stopped the driver, Jennifer M. Satinsky, near the intersection of North Main and Cedar Streets. After speaking with her, he suspected she was intoxicated and had her step out of the car and perform the standard sobriety tests, which involve balance and coordination. She reportedly failed the field test, and a roadside breath test as well, and was held at headquarters for the remainder of the night.
    Bail was set the next morning at $300.
    At about 3:30 a.m. on Sunday, a Sag Harbor officer spotted a 2003 Ford Explorer driving south on Long Island Avenue in the northbound lane “for the entire distance” of the road, before making an illegal turn onto Glover Street. The driver, Damian Vargas, 31, of Sag Harbor appeared intoxicated and failed roadside sobriety tests before being taken back to the station house, where he consented to a breath test.
    Police recorded the result of the Intoxilyzer 5000 test as .19 blood-alcohol content, well over twice the legal limit.