D.W.I. Unconscious by the Roadside

Three arrests for driving while intoxicated

   East Hampton Town police reported three arrests for driving while intoxicated in the week just past.
    At about 3 a.m. on Dec. 2, an officer came upon a 1998 Chevy, its headlights on, off the road in grass at the northwest corner of Springs-Fireplace Road and Abraham’s Path in East Hampton. The driver, Luis S. Villa-Guichay, 22, of Springs, was found unconscious, lying in front of the car, which had crashed into a telephone pole. The airbags deployed and were emitting light white smoke, according to the police report, indicating the accident had just occurred.
    The officer was able to awaken Mr. Villa-Guichay, who appeared to be intoxicated. Under normal circumstances, he would have been asked to perform roadside sobriety tests, but in view of the circumstances he was instead rushed to Southampton Hospital. Police said they had trouble communicating with Mr. Villa-Guichay, who, besides appearing intoxicated and almost incoherent, spoke no English. A Spanish-speaking Springs E.M.T. was brought in, and Mr. Villa-Guichay’s brother-in-law  arrived at the hospital shortly after he did. The brother-in-law read him his Miranda rights, and Mr. Villa-Guichay signed a consent form to have blood drawn for blood-alcohol content testing before falling asleep. He had injured his back in the accident, police said.
    He was charged with D.W.I. and was to appear in court for arraignment this morning.
    A speeding car on Route 27 east of Montauk village led to the arrest of Terrence K. Wallace Jr., 30, of Montauk at 10 p.m. last Thursday. Police said Mr. Wallace was moving at 70 miles per hour near West Lake Drive, where the speed limit is 55 m.p.h.
    The arresting officer reported a strong smell of marijuana coming from the window as he approached, and said the driver had moved something near the center console before being asked to step out of the car. According to the report, his eyes were bloodshot with “contracted pupils,” he smelled strongly of marijuana, and he had difficulty focusing.
    He was put in the back of the patrol car to await a search of his car. In it, police allegedly found a “multicolored glass pipe” with a “full bowl.” Touching it, the officer found the pipe was “very warm.” Inside the console, he reported, was a jar of what looked like marijuana. He field-tested the pipe and jar and reported that both tested positive for marijuana.
    In addition to drunken driving, Mr. Wallace was charged with driving with ability impaired by drugs, both misdemeanors, and with a count of possession of marijuana, a violation. He was released without bail in the morning, due to his roots in the community, but with a future date in Justice Court.
    On Three Mile Harbor-Hog Creek Road in Springs late Saturday night, police spotted a 1997 blue Chevrolet swerving across lane lines and onto the shoulder. Police did not report that the driver appeared intoxicated, but did say that he could not produce a driver’s license, instead giving the officer a Guatemalan passport identifying him as Cristobal Pedro-Simon. Police locked the car, left it by the side of the road, and took the driver back to headquarters.
    When police ran his fingerprints, the name matching the prints had the same last name as the passport but a different first name. Eliseo Pedro-Simon, 29, of Springs, the driver, was hit with a charge of false personation, a misdemeanor.
    It was also determined that his license had been suspended several times, once for a D.W.A.I. alcohol-related incident in 2011, and once for refusing to submit to a chemical breath test, which meant, under Suffolk County law, that his car would have to be impounded. However, when an officer returned to the spot where it had been left, the car was gone. Police are investigating.
    Bail was set in the morning at $2,500. Mr. Pedro-Simon was being held in the county jail as of press time.