A Parade of a Different Stripe

A pickup truck apparently driven by Christian L. Topping of Bridgehampton struck a tree Sunday afternoon
A pickup truck apparently driven by Christian L. Topping of Bridgehampton struck a tree
A pickup truck apparently driven by Christian L. Topping of Bridgehampton struck a tree at the intersection of Lazy Point Road and Shore Road near Napeague Harbor on Sunday afternoon. Mr. Topping was arraigned on a driving while intoxicated charge in East Hampton Town Justice Court on Monday morning. David E. Rattray

    After the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Montauk on Sunday, there was a parade of a different sort at East Hampton Town Justice Court on Monday, with Justice Catherine A. Cahill in the reviewing stand as the previous day’s driving while intoxicated and serious drug arrestees were arraigned.
    While not enough information was available to directly connect these arrests to the parade, all occurred sequentially in the hours after it ended. Police reports providing ages of some of those arrested and the locations of some arrests were not available as of press time.
    At about 2 p.m. Sunday, an officer saw Justin DiLorenzo, 22, of Mastic standing  behind the Memory Motel on Montauk Highway, allegedly selling a tablet of oxycodone to Fabio A. Visco, 22, of Mastic Beach, according to East Hampton Town police. The officer stopped and searched the two men, the police said, finding the one pill in Mr. Visco’s possession, and 12 more oxycodone pills in Mr. DiLorenzo’s possession. Both men were taken to headquarters.
    Mr. Visco was released on $85 bail with an appearance ticket. Mr. DiLorenzo was held overnight and arraigned the next morning, when Justice Cahill set his bail at $100. Mr. DiLorenzo’s father was in the courthouse, and told the court that he didn’t have the money with him needed to make bail, causing Mr. DiLorenzo to tell the court that he had the money needed to make bail, and was released after payment.
    At about 3:40 p.m., multiple rescue teams were called to Lazy Point in Amagansett to assist the victims of a high-speed car crash, which resulted in the arrest of the driver, Christian L. Topping of Bridgehampton, for allegedly driving while intoxicated. Mr. Topping refused to take a breath test, according to the facts presented to Justice Cahill. She asked if there were any passengers, and was told that there was a woman in the passenger seat who sustained fractured ribs. The Suffolk County Police Aviation Unit medevacked the woman to Stony Brook University Medical Center at 3:36 p.m.
    Observers on the scene said the car was totaled.
    Justice Cahill released Mr. Topping on his own recognizance after she was told that he is a longtime local resident and a member of the Bridgehampton Fire Department.
    At 4:17 p.m. on Sunday, Aleah R. Ludwig, 22, of Patchogue was arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated. She was led into the court by a female officer. She stood, handcuffed, her face red, head bowed, visibly holding back tears, as the court-appointed attorney and Justice Cahill debated her immediate future. She had a previous conviction for driving while intoxicated in 2011.
    About her arrest, she told the court, “My dad knows about it. He’s at work.” Bail was set at $2,000.
    At 6:30 p.m. Sunday, according to the police arrest log and statements made in court, East Hampton Town police arrested Matthew Cullen of Montauk on a D.W.I. charge. Mr. Cullen stood before Justice Cahill with a lawyer speaking for him, debating the extent of his previous record. Mr. Cullen told the court that he had been arrested before. When the attorney told the judge that Mr. Cullen had a good record, the justice replied, “as opposed to his rap sheet?”
    Bail was set at $2,500.
    A little before 9 p.m., Joseph A. Wenegenofsky of Montauk was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. His court-appointed attorney asked that he be released on his own recognizance, but after considering the circumstances and charges, Justice Cahill set bail at $5,000.
    Also at about 9 p.m., police arrested Richard O. Stevens of Ditch Plain Road in Montauk. According to statements made in court, Mr. Stevens is a self-employed captain of a boat. Justice Cahill was told that his blood alcohol level was .20 of 1 percent, which is considered high. The justice was also told that he had no prior arrests. Bail was set at $500.
    At about 10:45 p.m., Kurt D. Lawrence of Manorville was arrested on a D.W.I. charge. His attorney told the court that he is the co-owner of an air-conditioning business in Bohemia.
    Justice Cahill discussed his two prior convictions for driving while intoxicated. Mr. Lawrence’s lawyer told the court that he had a 17-year-old son at home, and that he had achieved an honorable discharge from the Navy.
    Bail was set at $10,000.
    A little after midnight the next day, according to the police arrest log and report, Maxwell B. Bergman, 45, of East Hampton was driving on Montauk Highway doing 83 miles per hour near Sand Castle Court in Napeague. The arresting officer said that Mr. Bergman smelled of alcohol and marijuana. His blood alcohol content was allegedly .17 of 1 percent, over twice the legal limit. A plastic bag of marijuana was found in his glove box, the police said.
    Mr. Bergman now works in New York City as a tutor and has no prior arrests, according to court statements. Bail was set at $500.
    Earlier in the day, there were two marijuana arrests in Montauk around the parade grounds, which did not end up in court.
    Ziana B. Dickran, 21, of Amagansett was arrested as the parade was ending by East Hampton Town police officers after they were called to assist a Southampton sergeant standing close to the parade grounds in Montauk near the Plaza. The officers said they found Ms. Dickran holding two small bags of marijuana in her purse along with six pills, which they reported to be Valium. She was charged with possession of marijuana as well as possession of a controlled substance, and was released with an appearance ticket.
    Earlier, police patrolling the parade area spotted four people on the dock behind the Harvest restaurant. When they went to investigate, they smelled marijuana, according to the report. They then arrested Robyn L. Swincinski, 22, of Hampton Bays, who, they said, had marijuana in her purse.