On The Police Logs 03.29.12

East Hampton
Paula Kessler of Southampton, Catherine Bartlett of Bridgehampton, and April Sygman of Old Stone Highway, Springs, attended a dinner party Friday night on Spring Close Highway, and when they returned to Ms. Bartlett’s unlocked 2008 Jeep Wrangler the next morning, they discovered that their Ross School MacBooks, which had been left in a bag on the back seat, had been taken, along with Ms. Bartlett’s purse, which contained $340 in cash and several bracelets. The total loss was estimated at $2,000. Police are investigating.

Also attending a party on Spring Close Highway that night was Madison Johnson, who said that when she returned to her 2003 Land Rover, which had been parked on that road for a couple of hours, she found that her purse, containing cash and three credit cards, had been removed from the vehicle. Ms. Johnson, who lives in Southampton, called the credit card companies and told police that there were no attempts to use the cards before she had them canceled.

Susannah Kramer of Stonewall Court reported that at some point during the late-night hours of March 17, someone vandalized her mailbox. She said a neighbor might have seen the perpetrator.

Jerry Adelberg of Treescape Drive said someone destroyed a landscape light on his property. He told police that, while he did not know who had done it, it was not the first time that his lights had been vandalized. He estimated the damage at $300.

East Hampton Village
Juan Ponce of Amagansett Drive East, East Hampton, reported that he had parked his Chevy van on Park Place in the village at about 4:30 p.m. on March 21, and when he returned the next morning, he found the rear window smashed in and three construction tools, including a jackhammer, missing. He estimated the value of the tools at $4,000.

Elise Marmon reported on Saturday afternoon that several youths were climbing onto the roof of White’s Pharmacy. Police found no one, however. Ms. Marmon said it was an ongoing problem and that she was going to install a gated fence to prevent it from happening in the future.

A man who did not identify himself called police at 6:45 in the morning last Thursday to report noisy work being done outside the library on Main Street. Police found a landscaper digging on the property and told him the village code prohibited such work before 7 a.m.

A little after noon on March 19, police received a call about a car horn blaring on Collins Avenue. An officer arrived and found a mother who told him that her daughter was playing with her car keys and had set off the car alarm.

Scott Pitches, who lives on the eastern extension of Old Montauk Highway and is a caretaker at the Peter Beard property, reported that on the mornings of March 16 and March 18 a woman showed up at the estate, asking for the homeowner. Both times, Mr. Pitches told the woman to leave, which she did. Mr. Pitches told police that the woman was an old acquaintance of Mr. Beard’s, but that Mr. Beard does not want her on his property. Police told her of this and she agreed to stay away.

Sag Harbor
A caller alerted police that an Occupy Wall Street protester was displaying an offensive sign on Long Wharf. When police arrived, they saw no such sign.

Glenn Bennett of Oceanview Avenue reported that at some point during the past winter, someone pilfered the license plates off three boat trailers on his property. Police put out a statewide bulletin to be on the lookout for the plates.