On the Logs 04.05.12

Police news

East Hampton
The mother of a student at East Hampton High School on Long Lane reported to police that her son’s Emerica sneakers, valued at $85, were stolen from in front of a locker on March 20. Accompanied by an assistant principal, an officer searched the locker room and found the sneakers in a locker used by another student. When questioned, the student told police that he had found the sneakers on top of the lockers and put them away for safekeeping. The other student’s mother did not wish to press charges.

The restrooms at Maidstone Park were vandalized with graffiti images of a lighthouse and a rabbit, a police report dated Feb. 19 said.

East Hampton Village
Someone called police at 7:45 a.m. on March 27 to report a swan in distress on Stephen Hand’s Path near Montauk Highway. An officer was unable to find the bird.

A man walked into police headquarters on March 26 saying that he did not have a place to sleep and it was very cold outside. Police called the Suffolk County Social Services Department, and a taxi was sent to pick the man up and take him to a men’s shelter in Amityville.

An officer on patrol noticed that the door to a garage used by Meals on Wheels was left open on the night of March 26. Nothing appeared to have been stolen.

A 14-year-old reported that his iPod and headphones had been stolen from a bag he had left in the hall while he was at lacrosse practice at the East Hampton Middle School on Newtown Lane on March 26.

Bob Ganga of Buell Lane called police about an apparent case of road rage he witnessed at that street’s intersection with Main Street on March 28 a little after 6 p.m. An officer went to investigate, but the drivers, one in a dark Honda S.U.V. and one in a red sedan, were gone.

Last Thursday around 9 p.m., a woman called police from the train station to report that she had overslept on the train and missed her stop. She said she was afraid she would not be able to get home. She was subsequently able to get in touch with a friend in Southampton for a ride.

A Manhattan resident called village police on Friday at 5 p.m. to report a seal in distress on the beach. An officer watched the animal for several minutes, coming to the conclusion that all was well with it. The officer took photos of the seal and sent them to the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation.

Ingrid Kalfaian of South Delrey Road called police on the day of the St. Patrick’s Day parade to report that early that morning her mailbox and the mailboxes of four other houses on the block had been ripped out and thrown in a pile. She reported hearing what sounded like garbage can lids being crashed together that morning. Police found that two street signs in the area had been vandalized as well.

A mailbox on South Etna Avenue was removed sometime between March 6 and March 27, police were told.

Susette King, the property manager of a house on Lazy Point Road, said on March 22 that at some point in the previous three days someone had removed all the copper gutters from the house. The gutters were valued at $12,500.

Sag Harbor
A village resident called police Friday to report having received numerous threatening phone calls dating back to 1999 from a man named Justin, who might be homeless. The caller reportedly would scream, moan, and shout, “You must die!” Police suggested that the complainant call his cellphone provider and have the number blocked.