On the Police Logs 06.28.12

Virendra Sikka told police on June 15 that on the preceding day someone had smashed a sliding glass door at his Windward Shores condo. A replacement will cost $1,200.

East Hampton
Vanessa Ofriel of Kimbell Avenue reported to police on June 16 that sometime during the previous week someone had moved her patio furniture around and opened an umbrella as well as a door to the pool. The house itself was untouched, with no sign of attempted entry.

East Hampton Village
An Egypt Close woman complained on June 19 that a Pantigo Road man’s two black dogs had attacked her smaller dog that day. Police reported that the little dog was clearly wounded. The Pantigo Road man had previously signed a stipulation with the village regarding restraining his animals, according to the report, so a town animal control officer took custody of the two big dogs pending a hearing.

Victoria Well of Mill Hill Lane called police on the afternoon of June 20 to say a deer was trapped in her yard. The deer was gone when police arrived, and an officer pointed out to Ms. Well, according to the report, that her fence was low enough for deer to leap over.

Police received a call on June 20 that a man in a Ford Taurus was masturbating in a car parked at Egypt beach. An officer found the car, but the man denied the accusation, saying he had been trimming his fingernails. The officer suggested that in future he might want to trim his nails above the dashboard rather than at lap height.

On Saturday morning a woman complained that someone had smashed the rear passenger window of her 2010 Mazda and dented its door. The car was parked in the Schenck lot.

A manager at the Ralph Lauren store summoned police on Saturday afternoon. According to the report, a man known to her came in and began following her and other employees around the store, yelling and causing a scene. He fled when informed that police were on the way.

Police received a noise complaint just after midnight Saturday about a pool party on Ocean Avenue. The host agreed to take the party indoors.

Another pool-party noise complaint came in on Sunday afternoon, this one in the vicinity of Georgica and Jericho Roads. The revelers agreed to shut the music off for the day.The Firestone Gallery on Newtown Lane, which is exhibiting paintings of American flags seen through layers of gold paint, got a call Sunday afternoon from a man asking whether the gallery had glass insurance. Asked why he was asking, the caller said, “The Fourth of July is coming up soon and things can get rowdy around here,” and hung up. Detectives are looking into the matter.


Cole Brauer, a recent graduate of East Hampton High School, had an unwelcome surprise on the morning of June 11, when she discovered that her 15-foot Laird paddleboard, valued at $2,000, had been stolen from the top of her minivan. The van had been parked overnight in the lot by Salivar’s. The board is yellow with blue stripes and a black-and-white camouflage pad.

Ariel Engstrom of Montauk, a hostess at the Sloppy Tuna, told police on Sunday morning that during her shift the night before someone had walked away with her iPhone 4S, which she had left on the hostess stand. In the morning, using Apple’s “Find my iPhone” app, she tracked the missing phone to a bedside stand in a local motel room, where several men were staying, and got it back. She told police that the phone was not damaged and she did not wish to press charges.

Sag Harbor

A village employee found what appeared to be marijuana in a Sag Harbor Village dump truck, in a cup in the cup holder. The police tested the substance and found that it was indeed marijuana. The highway superintendent was notified of the find.