Another Night’s Fisticuffs at Memory Motel

    East Hampton Town police made two arrests early on July 1 following a bar fight at the Memory Motel in Montauk, according to a police report and eyewitnesses.
    Bouncers kicked Kalithe R. Wyche out of the bar shortly after 3 a.m., police said. The report described Mr. Wyche, who is 33 and lives in East Hampton, as intoxicated.
    According to a timeline provided by police, Johnny Acevedo, 28, of Montauk, said to be one of the Memory’s bouncers, took a swing at Mr. Wyche outside the bar, connecting with his face. The report does not say what precipitated Mr. Acevedo’s alleged action or why Mr. Wyche was kicked out of the bar.
    Officers followed Mr. Acevedo back inside the Memory, where they arrested him. He was taken to police headquarters and released on $100 bail.
    Meanwhile, Mr. Wyche began throwing punches, according to the police report, trying to hit the other bouncers, and then stopped and stood in the middle of the street, taking what the police described as a fighting stance, taunting the bouncers and swinging his fists at them.
    Police, who have been maintaining a visible presence in the street between the Memory Motel and the Point Bar and Grill following a raucous night of fights on June 11, asked Mr. Wyche to calm down, but he continued his aggressive behavior, police said, until the officers stepped in and arrested him.
    Before being taken to headquarters, Mr. Wyche was first taken to Southampton Hospital to be treated for a bloody nose and a split lip, the report said.
    Because of his roots in the area, he was released without bail later that same day. He has a future court date to face a charge of disorderly conduct for fighting or behaving in a threatening manner.
    Mr. Acevedo is to be in court at a future date on charges of disorderly conduct and harassment in the second degree for allegedly striking Mr. Wyche.
    All of the charges are violations, not misdemeanors.
    A second fight and another arrest happened at the Memory Motel that day, at closing time. Mario A. Betancur, who is 26 and lives in East Hampton, was thrown out of the bar at about 5 a.m. and pinned to the ground by Memory security personnel because, the police report said, he was highly intoxicated and trying to attack other patrons. When police arrived, the bouncers let Mr. Betancur up off the ground, only to see him start throwing punches again, the report said. When an officer failed to calm him down, Mr. Betancur was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.
    He was taken to police headquarters and released when he sobered up, police said. He has a future court date.

Banging, Banging
    Also in Montauk, police, investigating a report of a possible fight at Solé East, ended up arresting Justin D. Jensen, 29, of Queens on the night of June 30, charging him with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.
    William Zorr of Brooklyn was a guest that night at the hotel when, according to the police report, he went upstairs from his room to ask Mr. Jensen to stop banging on a door to one of the other rooms. Mr. Jensen became agitated, and Mr. Zorr returned to his room and called police, the report said.
    When officers went upstairs to question Mr. Jensen, he again became agitated, police said, and began to use obscenities. Several times the officers requested that he stop shouting, reminding him that there were other guests at the hotel, but Mr. Jensen continued, the report said. He was told at that point that he was under arrest, but he refused to allow the officers to handcuff him, according to police. Officers allegedly had to overpower him.
    He was taken to headquarters to spend the night in a cell.


The Memory, Point Grill, Sloppy Tuna and Surf Lodge should be shut down. Why should the EHTP and MTK vistors and residents have to put up with a bunch of drunks.
I agree it's dispicable the way grown adults behave in public. We don't deserve this we want to be able to enjoy safe summers with are families.
why are patrons still in the bar at 5am