Police Check Taxis, Montauk Beach House Noise

    East Hampton Town police followed up their second sweep in two weeks against drunken driving with a different kind of sweep: checking taxis in Montauk and Amagansett to make sure the vehicles and drivers are in compliance with required town and state laws.
    “Most of the cabs are compliant with the law,” Chief Edward Ecker said on Tuesday, stressing the need for the taxis as a safe alternative for those who might be tempted to drive after drinking.
    Also on Tuesday, the chief said that town code enforcement officers had issued two noise violations in the past week to the Montauk Beach House. The Beach House has been playing poolside techno-music at a very loud volume, apparently causing neighbors to complain.
    The Beach House, via a group called the Event Society, has been sending out mass e-mails advertising live D.J.s, as well as live bands. According to Town Clerk Fred Overton, the Beach House has never been given a permit for live music. Code enforcement was in the field yesterday, unavailable for comment.