Broken Jaw, Torched Shoes

    Jonathan J. Galeano of Valley Stream, 24, was arrested and charged with assault in the third degree on July 25 after allegedly breaking a man’s jaw in two places during a brawl at a house party in Springs in the early morning hours of July 21.
    According to a report from East Hampton Town police, a woman was crying in a bedroom with the door closed at about 3 a.m. Mr. Galeano was standing guard by the door. Brian Torres, also of Valley Stream, tried to get into the room to find out if the woman was okay. After initially holding the door shut, preventing Mr. Torres from entering, Mr. Galeano shoved Mr. Torres to the floor and hit him in the jaw, fracturing it.
    The fight was broken up by other partygoers, and Mr. Torres was driven to the hospital. He went to police headquarters in Wainscott on July 22 and filed a complaint.
    Mr. Galeano then turned himself in and gave his side of the story to the police on the evening of July 25. After being arrested, he was released without bail but with a court appearance scheduled.
    In other news, police said that at 4 a.m. on July 24 Sean B. Williams, 32, of Shirley attempted to enter a woman’s house on Miller Lane West in East Hampton. When the woman, whom Mr. Williams called his girlfriend during his arraignment in East Hampton Town Justice Court on Friday morning, refused to let him in, he went on a rampage around the property, according to the police report, breaking a showerhead, a lawn sprinkler, Cablevision wires, and a mailbox lid before setting a pair of sneakers on fire.
    The woman signed an affidavit for police accusing Mr. Williams of criminal mischief in the fourth degree. He had an outstanding arrest warrant for nonpayment of a small balance on a fine stemming from a previous encounter with town police, and he turned himself in last Thursday.
    “Mr. Williams, we have been down this road so many times,” East Hampton Town Justice Catherine A. Cahill said to the handcuffed Mr. Williams during his arraignment.
    “My girlfriend, she actually stabbed me,” he said.
    “She’s not your girlfriend anymore,” Justice Cahill said. “She’s tried to break up with you.”
    Bail was set at $300. Justice Cahill reminded Mr. Williams that he needed to pay the $35 outstanding balance on his previous fine, which had triggered the arrest warrant in the first place.
    “I think she has a vendetta on me,” Mr. Williams said.
    “Stay away from her,” Justice Cahill warned, before he was led away.

Wrestling and Bleeding

    Esteban Flores, 45, and Braulio Loja, 28, both of whom live in Brooklyn, were found wrestling on Three Mile Harbor Road near Oakview Highway in East Hampton at about 4 a.m. on July 22. When an officer approached the men, they seemed drunk, the report said, and they stood up in the middle of the southbound lane, forcing cars to veer around them.
    The officer reported that Mr. Flores was bleeding from his forehead and that Mr. Loja had a cut on his arm. Both injuries were still visible during the men’s arraignments later that day, after having been arrested for disorderly conduct. Mr. Flores was also charged with possession of cocaine, which police said they found on him. Bail was set the next morning at $350 for Mr. Flores and at $250 for Mr. Loja.