D.W.I.: Speeding, Swerving, Running, Failing

   Kasey L. Jackson, 38, who lives in Brooklyn but is spending the summer in Montauk, was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated at 3 a.m. last Thursday after East Hampton Town police spotted her Mazda convertible going 60 miles per hour on Edgemere Road in a posted 40 m.p.h. zone. According to the report, she swerved across the yellow lines before turning onto Industrial Road.
    She allegedly failed standard roadside sobriety tests before being taken to headquarters, where she consented to a breath test. Her blood-alcohol content was recorded as .10; the legal limit is .08.
    She was represented at her arraignment that morning by Carl Irace, an attorney, who was in court on another matter but agreed to step in for her. Ms. Jackson told Justice Catherine Cahill that she was in her second season as general manager of Ruschmeyer’s, a club in Montauk.
    Mr. Irace argued for Ms. Jackson to be released without bail. “She’s active in a local Montauk beach cleanup organization,” he told the justice.
    Bail was set at $750.
    Paul Ryan Jr., was charged on Cross Highway in East Hampton at about 10:30 Sunday night. He refused to take the breath test at the station, according to the charge as read by Justice Lisa Rana the next morning.
    “May I address the court?” Mr. Ryan asked.
    “As long as you do not address the charges,” Justice Rana replied.
    “All I want to say is, I was sleeping in my car, not driving.”
    Justice Rana admonished Mr. Ryan for addressing the charges. She released Mr. Ryan, who was born and raised in East Hampton, without bail but with a future date in court.
    Paul J. Calderon, 29, of Northampton, Mass., was stopped for driving without headlights, police said, a little before 5 a.m. Sunday, on Montauk Highway near the Plaza in Montauk. He was seen making a U-turn, the report adds, striking the curb in the process.
    Mr. Calderon allegedly failed a field test before being taken to headquarters, where he reportedly refused to take the Intoxilyzer breath test. Refusal leads to an automatic suspension of driving privileges. He was released the next morning without bail but with a date in court to face the D.W.I. charge.
    Justine B. Marco, 66, of Bridgehampton was arrested by town police a little before midnight on Aug. 6 after being pulled over on Woods Lane near Main Street. She had been driving erratically, officers reported. After failing roadside sobriety tests, she was taken to headquarters, where a breath test recorded her blood-alcohol content at .10.
    Ms. Marco was released in the morning without bail, due to her roots in the community. She has a future date in court.
    Also charged with D.W.I. on the night of Aug. 6 was Alexandra C. Smith, 38, of Isle Hudson, Fla. Ms. Smith was driving erratically, police said, swerving over lane markings several times as she headed north on Flamingo Avenue in Montauk. She failed all three field sobriety tests, police said, appearing “very unsteady on her feet.”
     Back at headquarters, she refused to take the breath test. Normally that would lead to an automatic license suspension, but in Ms. Smith’s case the consequences may be more dire. Having been convicted of D.W.I. in the past 10 years, she now faces a possible felony charge.
    Bail was set the next morning at $5,000.
    Hernandez Cruz, 47, also faces a felony charge after being arrested Saturday night. Police were investigating a fight near Bruce Lane in Springs when they came upon Mr. Cruz, who, according to the report, seemed quite intoxicated. Police warned him not to drive, the report says, and called his girlfriend, who said she’d come to pick him up. The officers then left the immediate area.
    A few minutes later, Mr. Cruz got into his parked car and drove it onto a shoulder, police said. The same officer who talked to him at first pulled him over, and later reported he had all field tests.
    Back at headquarters he reportedly registered an Intoxilyzer reading of .25. Point one-eight is the level at which a D.W.I. charge is elevated to “aggravated” status, making it a more serious misdemeanor. Making things worse for Mr. Cruz is the fact, according to police, that he has been convicted of drunken driving twice in the past 10 years, raising the charges to the felony level.
    Bail was set the next morning at $10,000, and Mr. Cruz was turned over to the county sheriff’s department, to be taken to jail in Riverhead.
    Police arrested Mathew Mercury of East Setauket a little before 8 a.m. on Aug. 8. He was pulled over after running a stop sign at the Plaza, police said, and failed roadside sobriety tests. At headquarters, he submitted to an Intoxilyzer breath test, which recorded a blood-alcohol content of .11, police said.
    He was released on $250 bail later that morning.
    Luis A. Refugio, 20, of Southampton was charged early Sunday morning after an officer reportedly watched him turn off Bruce Lane onto Three Mile Harbor-Hog Creek Road in Springs, ride onto the grass on the shoulder, then cross the double yellow lines into oncoming traffic  before righting his path.
    The officer reported open bottles of beer in the car, and also reported finding marijuana in Mr. Refugio’s back pocket. The driver failed roadside tests, the report states.
    He submitted to an Intoxilyzer test at the station house, which showed a blood-alcohol content of .09, the police said. Bail was set the next morning at $500.
    Samantha Duane, 46, of East Hampton was arrested at 3:30 Monday morning on Route 114 near Goodfriend Drive, after being seen swerving several times over lane lines, police said. While she was being questioned she reached into her glove box, where police allegedly spotted silver-brass knuckles, which are considered a weapon.
    Ms. Duane failed roadside sobriety tests, police said, and was taken back to headquarters, where her blood content was recorded as .09. Bail was set the next morning at $300.
    Jonathan F. Amaral, 28, of Southampton was charged by East Hampton Village police at about 4 a.m. on Saturday after allegedly driving 69 m.p.m. in a 30 m.p.h. zone. He was pulled over on Montauk Highway near Cove Hollow Road, and failed all roadside tests. Bail was set later that morning at $350.
    Gianna Chachere of Brooklyn was arrested on Springs-Fireplace Road near Fort Pond Boulevard early Tuesday morning. Justice Rana noted in court later that morning that her blood-alcohol content had been recorded at .13, and that Ms. Chachere’s license had been suspended for failing to pay a traffic ticket. Ms. Chachere told the court she was unaware of the suspension.
    Bail was set at $350.
    Ronald A. King, 36, of Southampton was arrested in the village a little after midnight Sunday and charged with driving under the influence of drugs. He was pulled over after running a red light at Main Street and Newtown Lane, according to police, and, after failing field sobriety tests, told the officer he’d taken three Aprazolam pills, also known by the brand name Xanax.
    Bail was set later that morning at $1,500.